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Souk El Halili The Egypt Museum Crowded Cairo City La Citadelle Al Nazhar Park Resto at Al Nazhar Park Cruise on the Nile Feluqa Feluqa in front of luxurious Intercontinental Small Sphynx in Memphis Memphis 1320 BC Statue of handsome Ramses II Socle de colonne, Memphis Giant Ramses II Pretty face of Giant Ramses II Pyramides à Sakkara Entrée funéraire Sakkara Ruines Sakkara Biggest Pyramid in Sakkara Colonne Procession funéraire - Sakkara La plus grande des pyramides : Kheops. In Giza Entrée d'Alibaba et la lampe magique. Kheops Trying to climb Kheops Stairs to Heaven Mini me with Kheops Behind Kheops -- Kefren and Mykelinos Les pyramides des Gizeh : Kheops, Kefren and Mykelinos I had to do it!! Colourful Camel Sphynx mai2007 190 Sphynx in front of Kefren Mynia on the Nile. south Egypt Nile, South of Egypt Mynia, tombeau 3000 BC Relaxing on the Nile Lonely